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Since our inception in the year 2006, we have come a long way to play an integral part to bring this sport to the convenience,  close proximity and enjoyment to all who had supported and learned with us.

We welcome you on board as we journey and share this learning experience together.

Our Classes


Johny Tan

Senior Head Coach- North East

He has extensive teaching experience with children and adults and has been with the Academy since 2009.

Tan Ming Jiang

Senior Head Coach- West Jurong West

A passionate skater, he has been with the Academy since 2006. He has participated in NDP 2012.

Wilson Lee

Senior Head Coach – West Toh Guan

A registered coach with a long history of experience teaching children and adults. Been with the Academy since 2010.

Joshua Lim

Senior H. Coach – Central/ West Bukit Batok

He is an Experienced coach with both young and old and has been with the Academy since 2010.


Senior Head Coach –West Jurong East

A friendly coach with a good flair with children. She has been with the Academy since 2012.

We are ICP, NCAP and ISCC Certifed

Skaters Academy is a People’s Association certified operator. We work with community clubs and resident committees and had participated in the 2009 National Day Observance ceremony and 2012 NDP.